Hi! I'm fieldstream
My 'real' name is Maria. I love graphic design and I love to draw. I have a wide range of experience from internships and freelance work. My longest internship was for 1½ year at the book publisher, Frydenlund. There I worked with book design, text layout, cover design, different advertisements, image manipulation and processing, and illustrations for books. 
I love experimenting with different kinds of creative outlets and draw both on paper and digitally. I also play with both markers and different paints.
The thing I love about graphic design is to find new and better solutions to graphic problems. I thrive in a busy environment and adapt well to different work situations. I'm quick and effective but still strive to deliver quality work with the details in order.
I like to express myself creatively and stand out - therefore you'll see me with all kinds of hair colors. I'm very open, unprejudiced, happy and humorous. 
I live in copenhagen with my boyfriend, dog, and two rabbits. In my freetime I play bass in a metalcore band, game on pc and ps4 and draw my hands off.